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Houde Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Wuxi Wuxi Bluestar Petrochemical Engineering from the design company (formerly Wuxi Bluestar Petrochemical Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary) from restructuring, is designed as the main engineering companies.
 Wuxi Bluestar Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958, China's epoxy resin and bisphenol A, the birthplace and the most important industrial production base, a longtime China Epoxy Resin Industry Association unit. Company as the country's chemical backbone enterprises, key enterprises in Jiangsu Province, pillar industries, large state enterprises, two companies, on behalf of our epoxy resin, bisphenol A industry standards in the international arena team members. Companies adhere to the self-development, innovation and development, product production, quality level and variety among the forefront of local enterprises. "Phoenix" brand has become China's epoxy resin, bisphenol A, the first brand and become a large modern chemical enterprise and the global importance of epoxy resin, bisphenol-A supplier.
Founded in 1982, has been established for nearly 30 years of history, take the billions of dollars in investment project design and project management. Engaged in the petroleum, chemical engineering or general contracting business project management contract, full-featured, substantial engineering design, mainly to undertake the project are: petrochemical, paint, light industry, oil refineries, epoxy resin factory, fine chemical plants and installations, petroleum storage and transportation systems engineering, environmental engineering and other fields of design.
Company specializes in fully furnished, strong technical force, with ANSYS, Caesar Ⅱ, PDSOFT, PKPM, PRO/Ⅱ, SW6 and medium-sized professional applications. In 2005 and Nanjing Jinling Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly Jinling Petrochemical Design Institute) technical cooperation, the company's design capability and more on the floor, the company has petrochemical grade, textile (household chemicals) Grade, municipal utilities (gas), commercial food materials (oil transport projects), oil and gas (oil and gas library project), Grade B construction, municipal utilities (water supply, drainage, heat), electricity (transformer) C. One, two, three types of pressure vessels, pressure piping design qualification and technical advice Grade A petrochemical, construction, light industry and technology consulting B qualification, Grade A project cost, with project supervision, general contracting qualifications. To undertake large-scale petrochemical, light industry, oil refineries, epoxy resin plant, chemical factories and installations, oil storage and transportation systems engineering, long-distance oil and gas engineering, high-rise building municipal, environmental protection engineering design, supervision and general contracting business .
The company nearly 30 years to 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of undertaking the project area a number of design projects 1000 and successfully with Japan, Germany, the Czech Republic and other foreign companies to technological exchanges, takes over the Iran, Pakistan, Korea and other countries, engineering design projects.
Companies in the "Gentleman to self-improvement. Terrain-kun, a gentleman with great virtue," the purpose of adoption of internationally accepted construction management, take advantage of many years of experience in engineering design and management, establish and improve a a set of advanced and efficient management system.
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